April 2005

Angela jumping on Prince


Taylor received Honor Roll and Anne Marie received Incredible Cub


Katie started taking ballet lessons. 

Isn't she a cute ballerina?


Grandma Marilou made a poncho copying the one she made when Elizabeth was little (on Anne Marie)

Paul showing Anne Marie the correct rock skipping technique


Our girl scout troop toured a botanical garden, I thought these pictures were very colorful.


Paul and Elizabeth had date night, we went to see Sarah McLachlan


Here is the progress on Donna's house.  This is the front view in three pictures.

The roof of Donna's house.

Donna in her new kitchen

Donna in her new bedroom


Liam in his new bedroom

Elise in her new bedroom

Liam and Elise on their Deck

Window wall from upstairs

Port Townsend water front

Monkey Elise

Elizabeth, Donna, Liam and Elise

Good Friends, Elise, Rosemary, and Liam

Donna and Elizabeth we went to see U2 in Seattle
As always, it was a great show!!!