April 2006

April started off with Marilou, Donna, Liam and Elise coming for a visit.

Here are Liam and Elise in the "Blame My Sister" and "It's My Brother's Fault" shirts.


While Liam and Elise were here, we went to the zoo and played at the park


Cousins:  Angela, Taylor, Liam, Elise and Anne Marie.


Honor Roll for 3rd quarter.


Taylor graduating from the DARE program


Angus and Dan surprise us with a visit!!!

Angus and Elizabeth

Angus found what he NEEDS for his birthday, which by the way is October 2nd, so start saving NOW.
Dan found a real coonskin hat
Suzanne picked up a couple of hunks.


Check back soon for our adventures in Hawaii!!!


Elizabeth flew to Sacramento with Peter

and Roy to pick up her mom after surgery.


Abby turns one.

Her shirt says "It's my birthday and I'll bark if I want to"


Anne Marie's Judo club has a float in the Clovis Rodeo Parade. 

To the right is the family (minus Taylor) on the float. 

Below left in Anne Marie and Lexie practicing throws on the float.

Below right, Elena and Angela practicing their princess waves.



Anne Marie was in her first official Judo tournament.  She is the one on the right in the matches below. 

On the bottom is with Sensei Dan and Sensei Ron.  As you can see, she is very proud of her medal.


Happy Birthday to:


April 29th