April 2007

April 2nd - Marbella

Our first day in Spain, we just relaxed.

This is a photo of the part of the hotel we stayed in.

We met up with Bob and Suzanne



Anne Marie needed to go down to the Mediterranean Sea and play in the water.
That evening we went into Marbella for dinner.  This was a beautiful view from the downtown area.
Here is Bob and his Mermaid friend.

April 3rd - Granada

The next day we went to Granada.  This is a photo of downtown.

Vendors set up spices and teas to sell on the streets.


The rest of the day we spent at La Alhambra.
The first part of our tour was through the gardens.
Patio of the Irrigation Ditch
Taylor and Grandma Marilou
The town of Granada from La Alhambra
Arabic lesson for the day - the "W" stands for Allah.
The white arches are where the gardens are.

The same place the picture of Taylor and Grandma Marilou was taken.

Marilou in La Alhambra


April 4th - Seville ← Click here to continue



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April 29th