April 2009

Angela & Mike  Mike took Angela to Las Vegas, they went to the Minus 5 which is a bar that is all ice. 
We went to visit with Grandma and Judy, Dale and Landon


For Easter we went to Sacramento


Here is Anne Marie blowing bubbles for Landon

Tiffany, Brittany and Anne Marie
Leann, David and Desi
David and Fawn
Recreating the picture from 12 years ago

Taylor, Angela, Desi, Anne Marie and David

Landon hunting eggs
Dale, Landon and Judy
After Landon found his eggs, we hid some hard ones for the girls.


Here is John holding Landon (and hiding an egg)

Brittany, Anne Marie, Destiny and Angela hunting eggs

John, Leann, Dale and Taylor

Leann, John and Fawn
A family shot!


Paul needed some me time and decided to take a break and go to Canada for a bit

One of his projects was to work on the basement.

Then a little day trip to the Cottage

Bob is showing us the windmills that were put up since the last time we visited.

On the way back from the cottage, they stopped to get some fresh maple syrup.

The blue "lines" are tubing that run through the trees

Here is a close up.
All the lines lead back into the big tank.


It is then processed into syrup.


Anne Marie got to go to Reno for the Jazz festival

Here she is with Andrea, Luke and Marina

It was snowy on the way there.

This was taken at the Donner Pass rest stop



Panoramic photos taken by Stephen with his iPhone.  Above is the snow at the rest stop, below is the view from Circus Circus in Reno



The Alta Sierra Jazz Band performing at the Jazz Festival
Taylor was silly in LA, now Anne Marie is silly...
.... in Reno



Happy Birthday to:


April 29th