August 2004


We got the COOLEST toy this month, it's an underwater case for the digital camera.!!! 

These were taken in our pool.


The girls spent a week at a Met Camp called, Dream, Design, and Build.  They did some really fun activities.

In this activity, the planned a city, laid it out on paper (it's hanging on the wall behind them), then built it three dimensional with wood.

If you look closely at Taylor's city, you will notice that it's filled with horses she made out of paper.


We decided it was time to go "horse" shopping.  We went with our trainer Leslie and saw a few horses.  This one was the BEST, his name is Prince.

The girls all got to try him out.


We ended up buying him and he was delivered a couple of days later.

Here are the happy girls with their horse.  (he's wet because he just got a rinse)


Lucky Angela got the first lesson on Prince.


Taylor and Anne Marie got to ride him on their next lesson.



We had a girl scout reunion from Angela's girl scout troop.  On the left was pictures from a tea party when they were around 2nd grade on the right they are going to be seniors, 10 years later, wow!!!


Anne Marie, Angela, Lucy, and Taylor on the first day of school

Angela, Kiera, and Angela, on the first day of school as a Senior.

Taylor and Mrs. Golling,

I can't believe she's in 5th grade

Anne Marie at her desk in Mrs. Gonzalez's

3rd grade class.


Angela got to jump finally, Prince really likes to jump and Angela really likes Prince.


Taylor got to jump with Prince, she was very excited during this lesson, she said she just knew that Prince would canter for her today.

Here is Prince getting some love from Anne Marie.