August 2005

Before we left on vacation, Vikki and Enrique came by for a visit.  Enrique taught us our new Spanish word piscina (pool).

Vikki and Elizabeth


On our first full day in Canada, we went to Michele and Ian's cottage.  Anne Marie used all her charm on Uncle Ian and begged to fish.

Katie had to check out her older cousin and see how it was going.

YEAH!  She caught one!

Uncle Ian took Anne Marie and Taylor for a ride (later they got to drive!)

Angela and Taylor were first up for a ride

Followed by Paul and Elizabeth

and Anne Marie finally decided that she should try, so she went with her dad

Ethan and Katie playing in the water

Uncle Charles, Katie, Ethan, Michele and Grandmaman all swimming in the lake.

We went to the Farm again.  Here is Grandpapa showing us his "Warning Sign"

Angela all excited to see a SmartCar.  She NEEDS one!

Anne Marie on the Ferry

Taylor driving to the cottage

The Cottage!!!

First order of business, a swim

Paul created a three noodle float
The beach
The view
The amazing sunset
One day we went to Wolfe Island to go in a corn maze
Here we are deep in the maze
Yeah, we found our way out!!!  Ooops, where is Anne Marie?
There she is, she needed to stand on the hay.
Anne Marie driving back to the cottage.  We have to worry about her, she likes to rock out while she drives.
Paul and Taylor on the ferry.
We have been wanting to take a 1000 Island Cruise so we did.  Unfortunately it was raining (hence the spots on the pictures) but it was a beautiful day.
Trivia for the day:  What constitutes an island here?

6 square feet of land and two trees.

Paul and Suzanne on the ferry.
On our return trip, the ferry actually stopped and went in reverse because we were in the way for the poker run.  There were several boats in this race and some helicopters flying around too.  It was very cool to watch all this so close up.
We found Linda, she is in Ottawa, we had to stop by and visit because we haven't seen her since she had her son Mitchell.
See it's been a while, Mitchell is 4 now.
Paul took all his girls 5 pin bowling, it was pretty fun.
Aunt Louise had us over for a delicious dinner.
Here is Taylor, Angela, Ethan and Anne Marie.
Katie, Anne Marie, Taylor, and Angela - Jonah wasn't interested in being in the photograph, he wanted to go back in the pool.
Katie, Valerie, Charles and Jonah.
Anne Marie, Angela, Michele, Ethan and Taylor


The first day of school (even for our college girl)