August 2007

Yeah, check horseback riding off the list!
After horseback riding we met Bob and Suzanne at La Mer Bleue


This is a conservation area and is known for its peat bogs.

The scenery was beautiful and we also saw several animals including turtles.


We went to the Glengarry Highland Games In Maxville.
I think the caber toss was one of our favorite things.  They take poles and try to throw them so they flip over.  The judges say a "time" such as 12:30 to denote where the pole lands.  We were having fun guessing what "time" each post was.



We spent the day at Michele and Ian's cottage.  We had a lot of fun in the water.
From the second Anne Marie gets there, she begs Uncle Ian to let her fish.

So there was a lot of fishing going on.

Ethan is hoping for the big one!
and some swimming.
and some tubing
Michele went water skiing
Graham looking cute



Then we were off to Simcoe Island for some time at the cottage.
The girls thought it would be fun to roll a hay bale.  Then jump on top of it.

and then Taylor wondered why she had a rash on her stomach.

Angela put her driving skills to work and mowed the lawn.
A few flower pictures
A few sunset pictures


We went to the Corn Maze on Wolf Island
The corn stalks were so tall, you almost felt claustrophobic at times.
After our trip through the maze, Angela NEEDED some sunflowers.

Tiptoe through the sunflowers.


How cute, too bad she can't take them back to California!


Our second trip to Michele and Ian's Cottage, Angela and Anne Marie attempted to water ski.  Angela was a natural, she went straight up.
Anne Marie was a trooper, she tried and tried until she got up, just for a few second.
Suzanne and Graham watched from the sidelines.


We met Charles, Valerie, James, Katie and Jonah for breakfast before going home.  Katie looks pretty excited about her smoothie.
James and Jonah
Charles and Jonah
Group Shot: 

James, Katie, Taylor, Anne Marie, Angela,

Jonah, and Charles.

Paul with his mom and dad
The Bedard Men


Taylor was too cool for her 1st Day of School photo, but Anne Marie (with Abby and Duchess) obliged.