August 2010



We're at Disneyland!!!
First ride of the day... SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!
Trying on some hats... Princess Donna
Liam got this Mickey wizard hat
Anne Marie was channeling the Mad Hatter
Donna couldn't wait for  It's a Small World
Elise, Liam, Taylor and Anne Marie
Taylor always finds the horses
Liam, Anne Marie, Elise and Taylor
on the Matterhorn
Taylor, Elise, Liam and Anne Marie
in front of the castle
Day Two

California Adventures
"I" am the Tot
"L" is for Liam
"A" for Anne Marie
Elise is "A" okay!
While Donna and I waiting in the fast pass line for
World of Color, Taylor and Anne Marie took
Liam and Elise on the raft ride
We went on the Ferris Wheel,
pretty fun, but scary at the same time
Liam having fun before it swung too much
Elise and Liam with Mickey
Donna, Elise, Mickey, Liam and Elizabeth
The Toy Story Ride
California Screaming!
It's a Bug's life
Elizabeth and the kids
Donna and the kids
Heather at her Baby Shower
Nana and Parker
Newly Licensed Taylor driving home after her test
Taylor and Anne Marie ready to go to High School
Elise and Liam ready for their first day in the Woods