December 2005

For Angela's birthday, she didn't want a party, so we took her out for a nice dinner at the Tokyo Steakhouse.


This month there was a  horse show. 

Taylor competed in two categories. 

Storm and Taylor as Angels

Angela's horse Price was hurt the day before, so she had to ride Storm who she had only ridden once before.  She did good considering Storm hadn't cantered in over a month.


Anne Marie was really getting the hang of soccer and had a few goal assists.


The Bedard Controls Christmas Party

Anne Marie and Jacquelyn

Anne Marie with Santa

Taylor with Santa

Angela and Elena with Santa

Elizabeth and Paul with Santa

The whole family with Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Angela and Elena playing Charlie's Angels


Spy Girl


Christmas Morning

The table set for dinner


Grandma Marilou, Grandpa Jack, Angela, Paul, Elizabeth, Taylor, Grandma Jo and Anne Marie


Taylor and Anne Marie with the "Mutant" Orange


Happy Birthday to:


December 14th


December 18th


December 21st