December 2010

  Abby and Toby are snuggle dogs 
Taylor and Chili at the Toys for Tot Show   
  Chili as a Carousel horse 
Anne Marie during her belt testing   
  Breaking the brick
Liam's 12th birthday, Donna will have a teenager before she knows it   
  Christmas Eve at Grandma Jo's 
Christmas Morning.... The dogs get to open their stockings first   
  Mike and Angela with their stockings 
Mike has officially been "Victoria'd"   
  David with Burt the Hippo 
Taylor and her Cow 

I was shocked to see I didn't have a picture of Anne Marie and her new camera :(
  Donna and her new sign 
The McLane family   
Off to Canada 
  Angela, Paul, Bob, Suzanne (in the kitchen), James,
Anne Marie, Charles, Valerie and Jonah 
Charles, Valerie, Jonah (behind Valerie's arm),
Katie, Louise, Taylor, Mike 
  We went to Upper Canada Villiage 
and saw Alight at Night   
   ParliamentHill lit up 
Frozen Locks   
  Angela and Mike 
Where the BEST maple syrup comes from   
  Angela licking the maple tree 
We also went to the War Museum

Here is Angela telling Mike he better behave 
  Mike and Angela 
Sailor Mike   
  Bob and all his friends 
Mike telling Angela he NEEDS this truck   


Happy Birthday to:


December 14th


December 18th


December 21st