February 2005

Paul went to Florida for the ASHRAE show.  He went to see the Kennedy Space Center.

(This picture was taken with his phone!  Not too bad huh?)


While Paul was having fun in Florida, we went to see Grandma Jo.  To the right is Suzanne, Bob, Jo, Elizabeth, Jack, Irving and Louisa.

Below are the girls posing and some scenic pictures from the creek that is below grandma's house.


The next day we drove to Sacramento.  Here is Suzanne in front of the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum.

Here is Bob with a buffalo friend.
Bob and Suzanne with a sailor friend.
Angela with a fish friend.


"Fish are friends, not food"


Lucy had a doctor's appointment the next day, so we wandered around the UC Davis Campus (well, around by where the animals were)
Here are the girls trying to feed the ducks.
Angela and her friend the Llama


Taylor and Anne Marie both received Math Wiz this month.  To get Math Wiz  you need to do your Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in under four minutes.
Taylor received Honor Roll this quarter too.



Here is Taylor getting another autograph on her Falcon's shirt.  This one is from Jamie Hodson.

Bob & Suzanne had to come all the way from Canada to see some hockey.


Taylor and Anne Marie also got a chance to try some rock climbing this month.  They really enjoyed it.  Here they are reaching the top.


Happy Birthday to:


February 11th


February 12th


February 21st