February 2009

During February we went on a Belimo trip to Costa Rica!!!! (got to love Belimo, they pick the best places)


We flew into Liberia, met up with our friends, stayed

the night and took off driving in the morning.

We decided to head for La Fortuna.

The lake in the background is Lake Arenal

A little while further down the road, we noticed people stopping on a bridge (with only one lane in each direction!) and taking pictures, so we decided to do the same.

This is the Arenal Volcano.  Costa Rica has many volcanoes, but this is one of the more active ones.

While waiting for a night time tour of the  volcano, we went to the snake museum.


We were thinking of you Bob!

We got to hold the python (well, at least its head)
These little guys were SO cute, two of them hanging out buy the side of the road, so we stop and fed them a Pringles chip....
... and they told their friends "hurry, tourists with food"

We found out they are Pizote.

Another picture of the the volcano.
That night we took and ATV ride to the Toucan Trail National Park and saw the volcano at night.  I did not take this picture and when we were there you could only see a small trail of the red lava.

Information on the volcano

We stayed the night in La Fortuna.

This is how the Volcano looked in the morning

We went on a white water rafting tour of the Rio Toro.

Level III and IV rapids (eek)

I don't remember being this much underwater (lower left)

High 5 for a job well done! (below)

After our rafting trip, we drove to San Jose and stayed the night here.

Very cute hotel, nice staff.  The blue RAV was the rental car we drove around in.

This is a view of the hotel from the museum below.
We went to the Costa Rica National Museum
This tower has bullet marks from the war in 1948
There was a butterfly exhibit.
Got a couple of good shots, but I don't think they will "blow up" nice and clean for the fair.

 Eat at McDonalds in Costa Rica


Then from San Jose we drove up to the resort

It was a VERY long day of driving.

The beach at the resort
We took an ATV tour of the area

Marta, Z, Paul and Elizabeth

Paul and Elizabeth on the beach
The next afternoon/evening there was a sunset cruise
Our activity choice the next day was a Canopy Tour!
Here we are before going up the tree.
Here we are on one of the platforms in the tree.

(the guides took my camera and smudged the

lens, that is why it's blurry)

Paul on the zip line
Got brave and went upside down!

The guides actually figured out how to take a movie on my camera. This is Paul & Elizabeth with a tandem zip line


...and the next day it was time to go back to reality...........




The Alta Sierra Jazz Bands went to Cuesta College for a Jazz Festival

Denise and I on the bus

Mr. L. getting the Alta A band ready

(Anne Marie is to his left)



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