July 2006

Taylor wanted to celebrate her birthday at the water park.
Here she is going down the lazy river with Lauren.
On her birthday with her #12 pancakes
We went to Lake Tahoe and celebrated her birthday with cake there.


Gondola ride in Lake Tahoe
Anne Marie, Taylor and Paul and the beautiful view.
Anne Marie and Elizabeth rock climbing at the top of the Gondola ride.
Paul's Birthday in Lake Tahoe


Horseback riding in Lake Tahoe

Paul and Anne Marie
Elizabeth and Anne Marie


We stopped to visit Angus on the way to the airport. 


We had to see the Countess, she does some cool tricks.

We visited Aunt Diane in Montreal.  We visited Oratoire St-Joseph

There is a beautiful garden where the sunset and flower photographs were taken.


View from the Church
Paul, Aunt Diane, Anne Marie and Taylor.
Beautiful Flowers
and a beautiful sunset.
Anne Marie, Ethan and Taylor outside the Museum of Civilization.
Do you know who this is?    Anne Marie in Costume.


Anne Marie and Taylor riding camels.

At the cottage.  Paul shows the girls a snake.


Anne Marie and Taylor drive.

Taylor and Anne Marie at the Lake
Bob untangles the kite
The sunset
Taylor and Anne Marie showing the sunset.
Where Bob turned left.
We went to Parc Omega with Michele, Ian, Ethan and Graham.
Taylor, Anne Marie and Paul feed the animals some carrots.
Walking across the bridge, looking for a moose
Later back in Ottawa. . . We checked out some Smart Cars

Angela was very jealous that we got so close to the smart car.

We visited the Royal Mint

This is where they make specialty coins.

We had dinner with Aunt Louise
Dave and Paul
Tubing by Dave's cottage
It was grandpapa's birthday, Taylor, Graham,

Ethan and Anne Marie help him celebrate.



Happy Birthday to:

Taylor July 7th Paul 

July 9th


July 9th

James July 11th

July 12th


July 12th

Grandma Jo

July 13th


July 25th


July 31st

Lots of July Birthdays


Happy Anniversary to:

Shane & Stacy

July 9th