July 2007


Angela and GiGi compete in their first jumping show.
Left:  Parker watching the fireworks


Lower Left:  Sarah with some sparklers


Below:  Fiona (from France) and her very first sparkler

Above and Above right:  Fireworks


Right:  Some of the Buchanan fireworks


Miss Taylor is a TEENAGER!!!!

Left with her birthday pancakes and right with her favorite, chocolate cake


Then it was Paul's Birthday
Here he is hamming it up
Grandma Jo's Birthday
Grandma Jo had a couple of musicians play Happy Birthday for her.
July brought a horse show.  Here is Taylor riding Storm.
Here are Taylor and Storm's Ribbons.
Anne Marie also rode Storm
Anne Marie and Storm's Ribbons.


For our summer vacation, we went to New York City on the way to Ottawa.  To the right is the Hilton we stayed at.


Below is Times Square at night.

One of the first things the girls noticed about New York was the HONKING, so we found this sign amusing.
We decided to take a carriage ride in Central Park.


The girls got to feed the horse a little treat afterwards.

The carriage ride was shorter than we thought it would be, they only took us on a small loop of the park, so we decided to go for a walk.
Let's go this way
The little midway was closed for the filming of "Old Dogs" with Robin Williams and Kelly Preston.  Yeah for zoom lenses.
Angela, Taylor and Anne Marie
We didn't get to ride a "real" horse in New York City, but we enjoyed the carousel.  This one was built in 1871 and originally powered by horse and mule.
After the park we went to the Guggenheim
Angela and Taylor looking cute by the background.
Anne Marie was enthralled by the light up dance floor.


After the Guggenheim, we ran into another movie set.  This one was for You Don't Mess with the Zohan featuring Adam Sander, but we didn't see him.  We saw a scene with the bicycle (upper picture) was in a car accident, so we will look for that in the movie.

That night we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway.
We went to see the Statue of Liberty.


Left:  Angela and Taylor

Lower Left:  Anne Marie

Below:  Angela and Elizabeth

Taylor, Anne Marie and Angela with the Statue of Liberty
Next stop was Ellis Island. 

Right is Angela, Paul and Taylor in the Great Hall.

Below viewing from one direction is a flag, viewing from the other direction, is a collage of pictures.


Riding the subway.



Happy Birthday to:

Taylor July 7th Paul 

July 9th


July 9th

James July 11th

July 12th


July 12th

Grandma Jo

July 13th


July 25th


July 31st

Lots of July Birthdays


Happy Anniversary to:

Shane & Stacy

July 9th