July 2008


We started the month off by going to San Diego. We stayed at a hotel by the beach and spent an afternoon there.  To the right is Taylor and Paul.  Lower right Anne Marie and below the beach from the top of the stairs leading down to it.
The second night we spent at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

These are the tents we slept in ----->

It was cool to hear all the animals in the middle of the night.

We thought this guy was a statue, then he finally moved.


Taylor's 14th Birthday
Paul's Birthday


Liam and Elise having chocolate chip pancakes for Breakfast.
Went to Seattle to see the B-52's

more here

We saw Grandma Jo for her birthday
Landon, Judy and Mocha
Leann, Desi and Mocha
Elizabeth and Grandma
Grandma and Mocha
Mocha was getting ready for her trip to Germany.
Before leaving for Germany, we celebrated Bob's birthday!

Whoo Hoo, we flew business class!!!

Driving on the Autobahn!!!  Fun and scary at the same time!

When we arrived and picked up our rental car, we drove to Baden Baden.

In Baden Baden we stayed at the Rathausglockel

Hotel and Restaurant

Paul having his first pint.

This is taken from Germany, the Seine River looking into France.

We couldn't tell if these were German or French Swans :)

This is the hospital where Michele was born.

Paul is showing us where the kids had to play while Michele

was being born.

One of the houses Paul's family lived in Germany.

9 Swarzwald is Soellingen

Below is from the 70's

We met the neighbors that  lived across the street

(he actually retired from Coca Cola and gave us some pins!)

On the far right is their landlords son.

Then we drove to Buehl to find another place they lived.
Here is 11 Haupstrasse in Buehl (though the arch)
There was a memorial for the Royal Canadian Air Force.
This was the airbase Paul's dad worked at.

It is now Baden Baden Air Park

We drove through the Black Forest and went to the Open Air Museum
A view in the Black Forest
Stayed the night in Freiburg at the Hotel Hirschen
We started our day by hiking up to the ruins.

It was a nice hike around local vineyards.

We were looking for the clock museum Paul visited when he was little.

This wasn't it, but it was very nice.

Went to the waterfalls
Then we drove into Switzerland!

Germany adventures continue in August!



Happy Birthday to:

Taylor July 7th Paul 

July 9th


July 9th

James July 11th

July 12th


July 12th

Grandma Jo

July 13th


July 25th


July 31st

Lots of July Birthdays


Happy Anniversary to:

Shane & Stacy

July 9th