June 2005

Jonah's second birthday, he sure is getting big too!


Here is Anne Marie at the San Jose Tech Museum.  Here she is using the devices you see to feed a fish.


Award Time


Presidential Fitness Award

Honor Roll

Presidential Fitness Award


Here is Taylor showing Grandma Marilou that she is ALMOST as tall as her.



Angela's Graduation!!!
See how they wrote out 2005 above


to the left is Angela ignoring me as she walks by

Here is Angela sitting in the "0"

She is in the second "0" of 2005

Angela walking to get her diploma
Angela afterwards
Angela and Mom
Angela and Aunt Donna
Angela and Heather
Angela and Preston


Graduation Party
Grandpa Jack and Grandma Marilou, look she's having a Corona

Grandma Jo and Donna

Heather attempting to wake up David

Mary and Sarah

C J, Robert, Thaddea, and Heather

Stacy and Katie

Shane with Kelly and Courtney

Angela cutting her cake

Angela, Krystina, and Courtney


Donna and Elizabeth at the Airport

Taylor, Donna, and Anne Marie


After graduation, Angela went to Hawaii and the rest of us went to Florida to go to DisneyWorld.  Click on the pictures to see our adventures.


To the left is Liam getting his Kindergarten diploma from his principal.

To the right is Liam and his friend Unha.


June also brings Elise's birthday.  She turned 5 this year

Here is a picture of Elise and her cake!


Happy Birthday to:


June 2nd


June 29th