June 2009

The school year finished off with a band concert one day
and a choir concert the next day.
  and of course the standard school's out swim party 
Taylor's birthday party with her friends :)   
June also included a visit to Donna's house. 

Elise, Donna and Liam in front of a waterfall.
  Donna attempting to find Zen 
Liam, Donna and Elise at the Overlook   
  Liam, Elizabeth and Elise 

  Elise taking her horseback riding lesson.   

Our summer trip started off in Toronto.

The CN Tower
  View of our hotel from the CN Tower 
F A I L   
  Paul showing the girls how to go down the stairs the correct way 
Toronto's oldest Post Office

There were several things to do inside,
but our favorite was writing with a quill pen
Anne Marie in Toronto   
  We went to the Royal Ontario Museum
Taylor found a new friend   
  R A W R 
Anne Marie looked for Zen   
  Elizabeth found a bell for her collection 
After Toronto, we headed down to Niagara Falls  
  The American Falls
The Canadian Falls   
  From our hotel room during the rain 
The American Falls at night

From our hotel room 
  Anne Marie and Taylor being silly 
Next we were off to Simcoe Island  
  Bob showing Anne Marie how to drive the tractor
Taylor driving the tractor   
  Beautiful sunset 


Happy Birthday to:


June 2nd


June 29th