March 2005


Katie's 4th Birthday, she decorated this cake herself!


Monday, March 7th was a busy day, Taylor received an Incredible Cub Award.

Taylor rode Sugar

Anne Marie rode Prince.

Angela received High Honor Roll for Spring Semester 2004 and Fall Semester 2004.

She walked across the stage so fast, she is blurry in the picture.


Pond at UC Davis that is really beautiful.


Angela took Preston to Sadies.


More autographs at the Fresno Falcon Game.  Right is Frannie Falcon, below is John Wroblewski, below right is Brett Jager.


Vikki and Enrique visit Grandma in Puerto Rico.


For spring break, we took a trip to Baja to visit George and Diane Powell

Day One

We arrived on Sunday March 20th at about 2 p.m. in Loreto.

This is the control tower for the Loreto Airport.  Under the covered area in front of the Mexican flag is the waiting line for Immigration.

We arrived at Casa Powell about 2 1/2  hours later.

The girls immediately headed to the beach.

Angela knocked out a few photography assignments while we were there.

The girls started on their shell collection.

Taylor was thinking of Prince

We found a rock with lots of hermit crabs

The sunset was beautiful as our first day came to a close.

Sunset by the palapa.


Day Two

We went to Julia's for breakfast.  We were trying to ask for pancakes, finally she realized what it was we wanted and said "el pancake"



This is the closest little store by George and Diane's house, it has almost everything.

The hotel closest to George and Diane's house.


George and Diane bottled some of their wine for the wine making contest.

Angela and Anne Marie went kayaking.  It looked like so much fun, we took a third kayak and paddled off to shell beach where we found lots of shells.

Angela tried coming close to the rocks.

Anne Marie found a dead lobster.

On the rock were many pelicans and within the rock were hermit crabs and sea urchins (below)

Taylor got too close to a cactus.

Here is all of us with Star, George and Diane's dog.


Day Three

We went Whale watching!!!!


A beautiful sunrise in Punta Chivato.

The only "bad" part was the 2 hour drive on the dirt road, but the whales were worth it.

Notice how close the boats are when we left.


Three excited girls ready to go looking for whales.

The blue speck in the lower left corner is our boat, this shot shows how close the whales were coming.  Once they were even closer, but under the water.

A couple of them came out for a little closer look at us.

The mommy whales had lots of barnacles on them.

Anne Marie had a nap on the boat.

Compare this picture to the first one, see how far we had to walk back to the shore?  Here is George walking.  We thought the guy was kidding when he shrugged his shoulders and motioned for us to get out of the boat.



Day Four

It was a beautiful day.

George brought out his Hobie.

George with Paul and Taylor

Luckily Survivor is one of our favorite shows so Paul knew how ot use this spear to hunt the sting ray.

Anne Marie and Taylor working TOGETHER to row the kayak.

Taylor walking down the beach.

It was Angela and Preston's 3 month anniversary, here is Angela missing Preston (notice the "3").

Dusk, followed by a beautiful sunset.


Day Five

What?  It's time to go home?

Taylor saying good bye to Star.

Here are the girls with Diane.

Store in Mulege.

Angela by a Cactus!!!

A flowering cactus.

Santa Rosalia Mission in Mulege.

Paul overlooking the Mulege River.

In Los Angeles Anne Marie decides to take up meditation.




Happy Birthday to:


March 1st


March 29th