March 2006

Katie turned the big 5 this month!


David didn't believe us about the "mutant" oranges, so he had to cut one open for himself.


David got back from Iraq safely and came for a visit


Heather & CJ's Wedding



Heather gave Taylor and Anne Marie the job of handing out programs.

The beautiful cake
Heather and CJ cutting the cake
Robert and Thaddea
Anne Marie dancing the night away,

she danced for about 2 1/2 hours straight.

Thaddea and Heather dancing

The beautiful couple


We of course saw some Fresno Falcons games this season. 

To the right is Elena and Angela with "that hot guy" from the Falcons (Brett Jaeger the goalie)

Below is Angela and Anne Marie with Freddie the Falcon.


The 4th grade curriculum in California covers Missions.  We got through the first three children without actually having to build one. 

Anne Marie of course NEEDED to build one.  Now they have fancy mission kits at Michaels, but Anne Marie needed to build it like the book said.


Judy and Dale's Wedding


Here is Grandpa Jack and Grandma Jo looking all fancy.  He got to walk the bride down the aisle.
Mark and Leann (Judy's sister)  Leann, I think it's your turn.
Marie (Judy's other sister) and Judy
Marilou and Judy (mother of the bride)
Grandpa Jack showing Judy his moves on the floor.
Anne Marie also got to dance with her grandpa.
Anne Marie danced with the bride too.


Happy Birthday to:


March 1st


March 29th


Happy Anniversary to:

Heather & CJ

March 17th

Judy and Dale

March 25th