March 2007

Katie had her 6th birthday.  She was probably thinking, "put the camera down mom, I want some cake"


Horseback riding


Yeah!!! Finally Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mocha's Blog of our Vacation

We stopped in London for a couple of days before we headed to Marbella, Spain.


We had a fun time attempting to duplicate pictures from 2003.


We went from Cute Anne Marie to...

..... Cool Anne Marie (see her resting on the post)


The comparison from June (above) to March (to the right) was pretty wild.  The summer photo had more greenery and the March photo showed the building.

Marilou, Anne Marie and Taylor had fun playing with pigeons in Trafalgar Square


Taylor was surprised that the pigeon landed on her head.

A beautiful church

Anne Marie, Marilou, and Taylor resting under a tree while on the way to Abbey Road Studios.

Taylor and Anne Marie in front of a sign that we thought was the same from 2003

but, it was just the same, but different

I think the "dogs" looked tougher in 2003




Happy Birthday to:


March 1st


March 29th


Happy Anniversary to:

Heather & CJ

March 17th

Judy and Dale

March 25th