March 2010


Chili the Wonder Pony
Spring Choir Festival
Diamond Head Sign We hiked up Diamond Head
We walked and walked and walked
View from the walk

Below:  Views from the top
Around the resort

Left:  Anne Marie

Lower Left:  Rainbow!

Lower Right:  the lagoon
Even though the girls werent excited, we went for another hike
It was a prettier, less crowded hike
Nice tree
Looking up at the bamboo
Paul, Anne Marie, and Taylor
Paul & Elizabeth
We went snorkling in the "first" lagoon
We went on a Haunted Oahu Tour, not our favorite tour.
I took pictures of the city at night
We took a downhill bike riding tour

We rode through the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve
Anne Marie tried to climb the REALLY OLD, REALLY BIG tree
Paul showed her the smaller one was a little easier to get up and to get down from
The road
View along the road
The next day we went on a kayak tour
Afterwards we went snorkeling
Paul wanted to borrow the Target security vehicle

Banyon Trees


Happy Birthday to:


March 1st


March 29th


Happy Anniversary to:

Heather & CJ

March 17th

Judy and Dale

March 25th