May 2005


The month started off with Angela and Preston going to prom.


Our sad news is that Lucy's cancer wasn't being put into remission with the chemo and she was put to sleep on the 9th.  We miss her very much.


This month was Ethan's First Birthday!!!


Isn't he a cutie?  We will get to meet him in August!!!



Mid May we went to Pismo with the Compton's.


Anne Marie's ECL class went to the Challenger Learning Center.  This was really cool, they got to pretend they were Mission Control and then switched with the other team and were on the space craft.  To the right is Anne Marie running "experiments".


Elizabeth turned the big "4 - 0"

Here is the beautiful cake Mary made for her party.


Taylor's class took a trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco
Outside of the Exploratorium.


Yeah for Heather, this month she graduated from Fresno State.  To the right is Heather and her proud Mommy! 

To the left is her cute niece Samantha


The third field trip of the month was to Pelco.  Anne Marie's class went to Pelco for a tour of the September 11th memorial.


Taylor played at her spring concert.  She won an award for Outstanding Beginning Violinist.

Below is Mrs. Franklin giving her the award.

Bottom right is Taylor, Mrs. Franklin and Joel who also teaches Taylor violin.


Here is a great shot of Angela jumping Prince.


We went on our annual camping trip to Dinkey Creek.  This year there was snow in the middle of our campsite!!!

We came down from Dinky to go to Heather's graduation party.  To the left is Heather and CJ, they are getting married next memorial weekend (hence the bride and groom hats from Heather's mom)  On the right is the Bedard family with Heather, CJ, and Angela's boyfriend Preston.

Wes, Shane, Kelly and Courtney

Taylor and Melanie hiking

Anne Marie, queen of the rock

Angela and Preston hiking

Angela and Preston playing Monopoly, Angela won!

Anne Marie holding Katie

Shane and Katie

The newest addition to our camping trip is MOVIE NIGHT!!!


See the fire, the movie and the snow




Happy Birthday to:


May 1st


May 7th


May 8th


May 11th


May 11th


May 11th


May 18th


May 31st


Happy Anniversary to:

Paul & Elizabeth

May 7th