May 2007


May started off with Hockey Playoffs.

Here is Paul and Bob all ready to go!



Next was Angela's first Hunter Jumper show.


Next in store was Donna's 40th

Elizabeth, Leann, and Desi took a trip up to Washington - First stop Seattle

As you can see, Leann had fun at Pike's Market

The next day we arrived in Port Townsend to silly string Donna on her birthday morning

Donna got her birthday wardrobe

Then we took Liam and Elise to School


Went to the airport for breakfast


Then after lunch, we told Donna what time to show up for her surprise party.

All her friends were wonderful and brought lots of good food and beverages to eat and drink.

Birthday Tiara and Birthday Cake

Mocha met her new mommy

The next day, Elizabeth, Leann and Desi took the ferry to Victoria.

We had a fun time.  Took some pictures of beautiful tulips.

After Victoria, we drove back to Port Townsend to say goodbye to Donna.  Leann and Desi posed in the PT Cruiser.


Then we all posed for some more shots.



Taylor's spring concert.


Next was Elizabeth's birthday, with yummy French Silk Pie.  Here is Anne Marie's self portrait.  She did the photography this year.


Anne Marie had a solo in her Spring Concert.


Angela had a second horse show.


Paul and Elizabeth climbed on the roof to get a few shots of the blue moon.



Happy Birthday to:


May 1st


May 7th


May 8th


May 11th


May 11th


May 11th


May 14th


May 18th


May 31st


Happy Anniversary to:

Paul & Elizabeth

May 7th