November 2005

As always, we start the month off with Anne Marie's birthday.  She turned 9 this year.


Abby got a little brave this month and slept on daddy's chair


Anne Marie won her birthday party from Dr. Kubo's office and celebrated at Incredible John's Pizza

Anne Marie, Joby, Lee and Jacquelyn


Taylor received Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter

Anne Marie also received Honor Roll for the 1st Quarter and Mighty Wolverine too!


Elizabeth and Heather went to see Rob Thomas!


For Thanksgiving, we went to Port Townsend and celebrated with Donna, Barry, Liam, Elise,and Grandma Marilou.


Here is Donna watching as Barry is stuffing the turkey

Paul hanging out with his new friend Nick

The table before dinner

The table with dinner

After we dropped Angela off at the airport (she had to go home and work)  We went to the Pacific Science Museum.  The girls enjoyed the butterfly area.

The next day we went to the Museum of Flight.  Taylor, Tally, and Anne Marie posed in an airplane.

Paul, Taylor and Anne Marie in a "Hot Air Balloon"

We went to the Space Needle.  Here is a view from the top.

Elizabeth with Anne Marie and Taylor on the top of the Space Needle.



Angela's 18th Birthday

FIRE!!!!  Call 911!!!!


Happy Birthday to:

Anne Marie

November  2nd


November 30th