November 2007


Anne Marie's 11th Birthday!


This years party was at the roller rink.

Anne Marie is such a ham.


Anne Marie got High Honor Roll for the Quarter.
Taylor and her friends at the orchestra concert.
Anne Marie being a pirate with Grandpa Jack's hat.



After grandpa passed away, we got together at Grandma's house.

Anne Marie, Elizabeth, Desi, Tiffany, Leann, Grandma, John, Judy, Brittany, Landon, Marilou and Destiny.


Elizabeth, John, Grandma, Judy and Leann

Here are the spouses (Paul wasn't feeling well, so Angela had already took him and Taylor home)

Mark, Grandma, Paulette and Dale

Judy and Landon
Grandma and Landon
For Thanksgiving, we made the turkey on the Barbeque.


Angela turned 20!

Below, she is warming her hands on all those candles.  Wait until there are 40 of them.


Parker (bottom right) came over after dinner with Angela and was playing with Tommy the Talking Snowman.


Happy Birthday to:

Anne Marie

November  2nd


November 30th