October 2004

Last week at Cross County, Taylor was the 6th runner in 5th/6th grade at Garfield to cross the finish line. So she got to wear this special shirt today.
This week in the race, she was the 5th runner in 5th/6th grade at Garfield to cross the finish line


David came back from Iraq this month, YEAH!!!  All in one piece, he thought he should get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion.



Anne Marie has turned into a little soccer girl, last week she scored her first goals - 3 of them!!


Anne Marie FINALLY got to jump on Prince, just a little jump, but it was a jump.


David and Lisa at homecoming.



Paul and Elizabeth enjoyed a quiet getaway (thanks to Belimo) in the Bahamas.
The hotel is called the Atlantis, it was a really nice resort.  Above is the view from the beach, to the left is the view from the pool area.
This is a view of part of the Marina
The hotel from our sailing trip.
Horses in front of the hotel, we thought the girls would like these.
A crystal statue
This was a restaurant by the beach area (below)
In this beach area, you are able to snorkel, kayak, paddle boat, it was pretty cool.
They had signs that said "what goes up, must come down, please don't feed the birds"  Here are some on the beach going after someone's french fries.  Below is the beach.
To the left is a baby Sting Ray "nursery"'; Lower left, Angela thinks this is a devil ray, it was HUGE; and they even had a sea turtle area.  All of this was at the hotel.
We went snorkeling and found out that we should have used the flash to make the pictures turn out better.  These ones aren't too bad.
Above is Paul snorkeling, to the left is a Cessna wreckage that was used for one of the Jaws movies, and below, the highlight of our snorkeling trip, being in the water with sharks.  Mind you, they were only about 4 or 5' long, but they could have still took a bite out of you.  We figure they must know the drill, don't eat the tourists and you get to have a snack.
The local favorite is Conch Salad, the guy in the back let Paul take one out of the shell, EW

Paul and Elizabeth weren't up for that like Z and Maru were (background below), so we had fried yellow tail. 

Paul and Elizabeth on the sailing trip
The hotel also had a water park, this slide has a 60' almost vertical drop and when you go through, the tunnel goes through the shark tank. 

To the left is Paul who was brave enough to go on the slide.

This slide was a racing slide, Elizabeth on the left, Paul on the right.


Angela went off with her friends to Hobbs Grove which has a haunted hayride and haunted forest.

Jacquelyn came trick or treating with us this year.  Is it any surprise that we were a horse and a rider?


David?  Is that you?

David before the ICP Hallowicked Concert in Detroit


Happy Birthday to:


October 2nd


October 20th


October 26th


Happy Anniversary to:

Charles & Valerie

October  3rd

Donna & Barry

October 6th

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October 31st