October 2005

Our Belimo trip this year was to New York / Connecticut 
When we arrived, we went to Connecticut.  While Paul was in his meeting, Elizabeth got to go on a tour of the Mohonk Mountain House.  It was extremely beautiful and could have only been better if the leaves were turning more.
Belimo took us out to dinner at Cafe on the Green.   Here we are at dinner  with Tannis, Alan, Z, Maru, Paul and Elizabeth
We when we transferred from Connecticut to New York, we checked into the Marriott Marquis which was right on Times Square.  It is hard to imagine being here on New Years Eve.

This is the view from our Hotel Room at night

We took a bus tour of the city with our friends Z and Maru.  Z must have taken this picture for the kids since the golden arches are in the background.
It was amazing to be in the city with the tall skyscrapers, some old with history, some new and sleek.
When we were walking down town, we came across the New York Stock Exchange.  Here are Z and Paul at the New York Stock Exchange.
As part of our Belimo trip, we chose to go see the Lion King at the Amsterdam Theater.   We weren't sure how they were going to pull the costuming and effects off, but it was awesome.
We were excited to actually ride on the New York Subway.


Z and Maru waiting for the subway


As we were walking we also visited Ground Zero, it was strange on many levels.
It almost looked like a construction site, but once you realized that there were two skyscrapers there you realize the damage that was done on 9/11.
We went to see the Statue of Liberty. 

We thought she was looking a bit short.

Paul is inside Castle Clinton, no it wasn't named after Bill.  It was named after DeWitt Clinton a former mayor of New York.  Castle Clinton has a diverse history, from a Battery, to a military head quarters, it was used for theater shows, a landing place for immigrants (before Ellis Island), an aquarium, and now a National Monument.


This gentleman entertained us during our long wait in line.  He was pretty funny and sang songs about where ever you said you were from.
Here is a good blend of the 'old' pier and the 'new" skyscraper as we were waiting in line to get on the boat to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
This is one of our first glimpses of Lady Liberty.  It was exciting to be so close to a piece of history.
I must have taken tons of photographs of the Statue of Liberty.  Pictures from all angles, but head on is one of my favorites.
This is the original torch which was removed during the renovation.  Originally the American people thought they should make her into a light house and cut thorough the steel in the torch, this caused leakage and the torch was replaced during the renovation.
Elizabeth beside a life size replica of the Statue of Liberty's face
Paul beside a life size replica of the Statue of Liberty's foot.
This picture is a shot of the Statue of Liberty's shadow.  The white tent area is the security screening area for Liberty Island.  Before boarding the boat to come here, you go through security, when you visit the observation area, you have to go through another set of security screening devices.  One of them blows puffs of air at you and is looking for smells of explosives.
We took a short ferry ride to Ellis Island. 

Here is Elizabeth, Z, and Maru. 

They had luggage to show how the immigrants traveled.
Paul and Elizabeth in the great hall, also known as the registry room, where the immigrants were inspected and questioned.
Paul and Elizabeth with New York City in the background.  This was taken by the Statue of Liberty.
Another shot on the boat on our way back from Ellis Island.
The Empire State Building


This is a photograph we took during the day.  We went up at night, below are some pictures that were taken from the top.

The Chrysler Building



Sights from New York that reminded Elizabeth of her favorite Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street.  We have 34th Street, Macy's (where Santa worked) and the Post Office (where the letters were sent to Santa).





Anne Marie playing soccer.  She is getting better and better about going after the ball.


Jacquelyn came over to play with Anne Marie.


Taylor was the 7th Garfield runner last week and came home with 6th in the race this week.


Taylor running in the 5/6 grade girls race

Anne Marie waving at the camera as she is running in the 4th grade girls race.


Denise celebrates her birthday


Paul's little Ottawa Senator's Cheerleaders


The barn had a Spooktacular Horse Show in October.  Here is Angela riding Prince in the show.

Here is Taylor riding Prince in the show.


Halloween Fun


Duchess Abby

Our pumpkins

Anne Marie as "Link", Taylor as "Zelda" and

Jacquelyn as a "Witch"

Taylor and Melanie

Anne Marie and Jacquelyn


Happy Birthday to:


October 2nd


October 20th


October 26th


Happy Anniversary to:

Charles & Valerie

October  3rd

Donna & Barry

October 6th

Bob & Suzanne

October 31st