October 2010


Anne Marie showing Nick at the fair
Liam after the ball
Donna, Paul and Elizabeth ready for
the Harvest Ball
Paul and Elizabeth
Donna wtih Liam and Elise
Liam and Elise in the Limo
Donna in the Limo
Liam at Soccer
Anne Marie's Birthday Party

With her cool cake
Elise, Taylor, Liam and Allison
made a Haunted Gingerbread House
and now they want to eat it
Taylor and Chili and their square halt
Taylor and Chili
Megan and Justin

Elise and Storm
Allison and Taylor
Ready to scare small children
Cameron, Anne Marie and Valerie
Elise and Liam
Allison acting out


Happy Birthday to:


October 2nd


October 20th


October 26th


Happy Anniversary to:

Charles & Valerie

October  3rd

Donna & Barry

October 6th

Bob & Suzanne

October 31st