Suzanne's Orange Trees

A special page for Suzanne's trees.

March 2005

David opened up one of the mutant oranges, Suzanne tried it and said it was sour.

December 2005

Suzanne's mutant orange fell off the tree.  It is HUGE, there are 4 + more of them on the tree too.  It is bigger than the girls' heads.


July 2005

Suzanne has a "mutant" orange on her tree.  The small one to the left is the average size on the tree.  As you can see by the pictures below, her orange is HUGE.


May 2005

The first tree
The other tree


Suzanne was thrilled to see her oranges, every morning she goes out to pick one for breakfast.


If all goes well, Suzanne will have fresh oranges when she comes to visit in January!!!


We have blossoms!

The tree planted on the left is a Robertson Naval Orange The tree planted on the right is a Washington Navel orange.


December 2003



May 2003  


April 2002


March 2002