Our New House

Here is the progress of our new house.  If we have pictures, the date will link to them!

November 29th The pool is filled
November 27th The pool is plastered, start of being filled with water
November 11th Cement on the side of the house
November 9th Fence around the pool
November 5th Concrete decking!
October 23rd Gunite!
October 19th Rebar
October 10th Our pool is getting dug!
October 8th The pool is outlined
September 10th Lamp post is up
August 30th We move in!
August 29th Lamp base gets poured
August 28th Wall paper starts going in
August 27th After dropping Angela off at school, Elizabeth, Taylor and Anne Marie drop by the house to see what might be happening there.  We couldn't believe how many people were working on the house, there were at least a couple of dozen people finishing everything up.  They look at us and say, it's not 1:00 yet!  Don't worry, it'll be ready.
August 24th Here it is, the Friday before the walk through.  We are just getting the front lawn put in, there are no shrubs or trees.  The outside railing still isn't painted, some of the stucco needs repaired on the outside, there is still lots of touch up painting to be done inside, the stair case railing still isn't stained yet, we are still missing some tiles, and the microwave fan doesn't seem to be working.  It's looking doubtful that we'll move in next week.
August 20th Kitchen trim installed around fan/lights, glass installed, shower door in guest bath.  Met with the landscaper and requested a Maple tree (for the Canadian), a lime tree for the Coronas and an Orange tree for Suzanne.
August 18th Shower doors installed, more light fixtures, fence almost complete
August 17th More lights installed, fence posts put in
August 16th Ground leveled, kitchen appliances installed, bath tub and linoleum
August 15th House numbers and light fixtures installed, a/c units installed, fireplace brick done
August 14th Corian installed, kitchen and entry tiled
August 13th Master bathroom tiled
August 11th Upstairs bathroom tiled
August 10th Tiles installed in upstairs bathroom, color coat of stucco, tile prep
August 9th Stucco prepped for color coat
August 8th Driveway poured, cabinets finished being installed, bricks for fireplace delivered
August 7th Cabinet installation, walkway concrete poured
August 6th Exterior Paint, Cabinet delivery
August 4th Stucco!!!!  We picked out a street lamp
August 3rd Interior paint is done
August 2nd Installation of doors, trim and window sills
August 1st Bannister, garage door, delivery of doors, trim and window sills
July 31st Grandma & Grandpa  visit the house
July 30th Getting ready for the driveway, walls are textured
July 29th Changed the kitchen tile to be Corian
July 26th Bathrooms prepped for tile
July 24th Walls are taped.
July 23rd Sheetrock finished!!!
July 21st Upstairs rooms sheet rocked
July 20th Sheetrock starts going up
July 19th Insulation
July 18th Lights put in, electrical all pulled
July 17th Window trim
July 16th Stucco prep
July 14th Wiring is almost all done!
July 13th Sheetrock delivered, fence complete on side, electrical going in
July 12th Window trim, door frames (some), fence
July 11th Plumbing, bathtub, windows complete
July 9th Lots done!!!!
June 23rd Interior framing finished
May 31st Sheathing on roof is almost all done
May 27th The roof is almost done
May 25th The girls are able to see their bedrooms
May 22nd Stairs
May 13th Rafters
May 4th Second floor - framing
May 2nd Second floor - floor
May 1st Wood for the second floor
April 25th First Floor Framing
April 21st Wood delivery
April 17th Sold!  Our current house has sold!
April 14th Concrete!
April 13th For Sale Sign goes up on our house
April 6th Plumbing goes in
April 1st Finished picking out appliances, exterior color, shingle color, brick color, electrical.
March 31st Finished picking out interior colors.  Board in place for concrete to be poured
March 26th Trenches
March 25th Chalk lines
March 3rd Grandma Jo & Grandpa Jack finally get the see the model, they really like it.  There is a small bit of working being done on the lots, but we're not sure just what. 
February 12th We took Joan by the house today, we had our curbs up, and were able to drive down to our street!
February 7th Drove by the dirt again, this time, they're putting in some curbs for the streets!  We also went to the model to measure the flooring so we could price out what it would cost us to put in what flooring we like.
February 5th The fun begins, it was time to pick out colors for the carpet, tile, and linoleum.  This ended up being a challenge.  We picked out colors, but didn't like the pricing on the upgrades.
February 4th We took Elizabeth's mom Marilou, Heather, & Mily out to the model. 
January 27th We went to Cambridge Homes to select our floor plans.  We had to decide on the front elevation and miscellaneous structural options.
January 25th Approved for our loan
January 21st We drove by the "dirt" and were happy to see that the streets have been marked
January 17th We went to see the Mortgage Broker for pre-qualification
January 14th We put a deposit down on a new house!  It's made by Cambridge Homes and is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath (we're going to need the extra bathroom with three girls)