September 2006


Taylor running in another cross country meet.
Taylor riding Storm in the horse show


Mark ran with Taylor in the Fresno Cross City Race. 

They are warming up in the lower left corner.

Here they are waiting for the race to start.
Taylor and Mark, both airborne, running for the finish line!


Abby and Duchess riding in the truck.


Parker Rose made her appearance in the world.

September 20th

7:45 a.m.

7 lbs 15 oz

20 1/2" long


We went on another girl scout horseback ride. 

Anne Marie didn't feel like going this time.


Our passports for fun for the 2006, Oblong Birthday Extravaganza!
Elizabeth and Angus in "Japan"
Paul having a margarita in Japan?  Where is the Sake?
Dan "Hitler" representing Germany
Here is someone from Jewland.
and can't forget Jamaica.


I missed photos of Mexico, Hawaii, Finland, and France. 

Two of the many highlights of the evening were visiting "Germany" and being locked out on the balcony with bread and water and being "gassed" by the fog machine.

Later we were in "Hawaii" and were bombed by "Japan" with water balloons.






Happy Birthday to:


September 20th